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Is your company considering entering new markets? Does your company have a new product and are unsure how it will get from development to market? Does your company need a new product? Does your company have plans to start exporting to or from the EU? Should your company have moved production to China or other countries? Should your company have fixed production at a lower price? Does your company need to build production facilities domestically? If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then UnikConsultant is a good place to start.

About UnikConsultant

30 years of experience with production, development, construction, sales and management are ready for your company to use.
Access to a large network both professionally and politically. Knowledge of all types of solutions within product development and the way to market, also internationally, are ready on the shelves for your use, let's have a cup of coffee together and look at the challenges and opportunities.
Or does your board need a new kick with a progressive member, then today is the day to get in touch.

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